Message from AG

Royal Lady, it is time for your reward. Every year, I wait upon the Lord to bring you His prophetic word. This year as I waited upon the Lord, I heard Him say “it is time to reward my daughters.” Get ready, I hear the voice of the Lord say, it is pay day. 2017 will not end and you will see the manifestation of this promise. In Exodus 3:20 -22, we see God preparing the Israelites for a mighty visitation. While He prepares the entire nation for the most dramatic escape in history from slavery, He pauses to give the women special instructions.
Question; were there only women in slavery? Was it not the men and their women who were enslaved by the Egyptians? Yet, when it was time to be rewarded, the Lord opened unusual doors of favour and blessings for the women.
In verse 22, God instructs the women “But every woman shall ask of her neighbour, namely, of her who dwells near her house, articles of silver, gold, and clothing; and you shall put them on your sons and daughters. So you shall plunder the Egyptians.”
Daughter of Zion, marvellous things will happen in your camp meetings this year. In the United Kingdom, in Ghana and in the USA. At your local Assemblies and in your foreign missions. The Angel appointed for rewards will be there to distribute parcels of blessings. In the Bible there is specific mention of some women who enjoyed the providence of God and became wealthy. Ruth, a poor Moabite woman who married Boaz and through the grace and favour of God found herself in the genealogy of Jesus. Abigail, a woman of wisdom who saw royalty in David, thus opening the door for her to become David’s wife and a queen of Israel. Esther, a woman with inner beauty. Her beauty and character won her favour with the king. How will you attract the blessings of God that brings the transfer of silver and gold? From Luke 1:26-36, the Lord has instructed me to lead these 5 prayer topics with 3 anointing services:

Generational blessing

The Lord will reward you with blessings that will make your children greater and more successful than you.
1. Every woman must bring to the camp, a list of the names of all her children with their photos and dates of birth. The Lord will give us instructions for these tokens.
2. If you are an unmarried woman, come with your own childhood photograph.
3. If you are married but without children, you must also bring your own childhood photograph.

At camp 2017, I declare that nothing will stand in the way of your reward. You have served God, you have waited patiently, you have wept and gone through ridicule; weep no more for the time for your reward is at hand. The Lord will visit you with the favour of Ruth, the wisdom of Abigail and the beauty of Esther. Get ready. It is your time of reward.

Angelic visitation

God must connect you to somebody. An angel who will hold your hand and open certain doors for you. Boaz was the angel who opened the doors of wealth to Ruth. 2017 is your year of angelic visitation. God will surely bring you a helper, an angel who will lead you to your appointed place.

Divine favor

We will be asking God for favour that will separate you from other women. So many women were collectinggrain from the ground but only Ruth was spotted by Boaz. God will grant you divine favour.

Spiritual conception

At camp 2017, women will conceive miracles, businesses, marriages and babies. God must put some ideas into your head and your heart so you can conceive a miracle. You cannot become rich without spiritual conception. This year I prophesy to you that you shall conceive.

Divine unction

The Holy Spirit must come and rest upon you so you can give birth to that which you shall conceive. The power of the Most High must overshadow you until that miracle is birthed. In 2017 you shall not miscarry your miracle.

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