Message from President

Message from president

My lovely and honourable ladies, it is with much pleasure that I welcome you once again to a glorious celebration of the goodness of the Lord at Camp 2017.
Last year the Lord said He had seen our tears and I say to the glory of God that year 2016 was a year with notable and mind-blowing testimonies. Please join me in thanking the God of our father, the Apostle General for the miraculous works in our midst.
Am so excited about this year’s theme as prophetically declared by the Apostle General – “IT IS REWARD TIME,” chosen from Exodus 3:20-22. As I meditated on the theme and prayed for you at this year’s Week of the Altar, I heard the Lord say that He has seen your afflictions and He is about to reward you. He is here at Camp 2017 to reward your years of labour and pain. If you are here expecting the fruit of the womb, my darling, start buying baby diapers and clothing, for your period of waiting is over. A single lady over here believing God for marriage, choose your wedding colours now and start shopping for your bridal garments for it is time to be rewarded. For the business owners and entrepreneurs who invested so much, yet did not receive the desired results, the Lord says worry no more. for it is your harvest time and it is reward time. For the students and the 2G ladies over here, the Lord says He has remembered you and He is here to reward you. For the unemployed and all other categories of women whom the Lord has blessed me with, stop crying, for it is reward time. To all our partners and sponsors whose contributions enable us to organize the successful camp meetings year after year, I say that may “Jehovah Zakar” the God who remembers, reward you big time. In January this year my executives and I once again paid a courtesy call on our Papa, the Apostle General, to renew our covenant and also receive the blessing of the Father. Below are extracts of the prophesy and prayer declared by him over our lives. Believe and receive your portion.


“Royal Ladies, your 2017 camp meeting will be greater and bigger than camp 2016 and it is going to be the talk of the town. Churches are going to send their elders and their women to come and submit to you. You will have more money. You shall be called blessed and you shall be called light in our nation. Last year I prayed and I prophesied and every prophecy has come to pass. This year every prophecy will come to pass. You will grow bigger. You will grow deeper. The hostel will see the light of day in the mighty name of Jesus. Money will not be an issue. The Lord will prosper Royal Ladies and bless your members so much so that, unassuming and ordinary people will carry sums of money and place it on the altar of your father.

Businesses will excel and marriages will prosper. Wisdom will increase. Husbands will love their wives. They will buy cars and build houses. Marriages will be many in Royal Ladies. In this year 2017, any Royal Lady who is celebrating 30th anniversary or 30th birthday will experience the unprecedented tangibility of the favour and of the mercies of God. I bless your ministry. I bless your ministry. The gates of 2017 will hear you when you call and they will open of their own accord in the mighty name of Jesus.

Wherever the soles of your feet shall tread the Lord will give you occupancy. Hallelujah. We will celebrate more graduates, more Master’s degree holders, more lawyers, doctors and pharmacists in the mighty name of Jesus. The families within Royal Ladies will prosper and they will excel. I pronounce this year as your year of elevation, the year of remembrance, the year of transformation and change. It will be the year of divine provision. I bless you. I bless you in the mighty name of Jesus.

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